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Document management systems are specially designed to streamline an organization’s document-related processes, helping you manage your digital files more efficiently. Document management systems are highly flexible, scalable, and secure to fit your business needs and processes. This solution can be customized to fit the specific document-related needs of any organization, no matter how large or small. Document management systems also offer a number of advantages over traditional paper-based filing systems, including improved search and retrieval capabilities, increased security, and reduced storage requirements. If your organization is looking for a more efficient and effective way to manage its documents, a document management system is the perfect solution.

To learn more about the practical applications of document management systems, please view our invoice processing and employee management, workflows and approvals, and forms sections below. To get started with this powerful, flexible solution for your St. Louis or Columbia business, schedule a conversation today.


Invoice Processing

Streamline your Accounts Payable department’s invoice processing and eliminate manual data entry with our document management solution. Our tools implement invoice-processing workflows to automate and expedite payments, keeping your AP team on track. Through intelligent indexing, your documents are classified, stored, and distributed to the right employees immediately for fast, accurate processing to ensure your team is held accountable for tasks throughout the invoice processing lifecycle.

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Employee Management

When it comes to employee management, a dedicated document management system can take your HR processes to the next level by centralizing, organizing, and securing employee records. Digitizing and properly storing your records helps to ensure employee privacy while empowering your team with self-service capabilities through access rights and data encryption supplied by a document management solution.


Smart Document Control

Any business, no matter its size, needs to be able to find and retrieve documents quickly and easily. Our Smart Document Control solution provides a secure, searchable repository for all your business documents, as well as web-based and mobile access, efficient task assignments, and smart digital workflows. The solution is turnkey, requiring minimal set-up, so you can start benefiting from it right away. With Smart Document Control, you’ll be able to increase productivity and efficiency while ensuring data security and adherence to compliance regulations. Don’t risk losing important documents or falling behind on compliance—implement Smart Document Control today.


Electronic Signatures

In a world where business is conducted increasingly online, it’s more important than ever to have a way to sign documents electronically. Electronic signatures create legal certainty for your documents, even when you and your business partners are in different locations. With electronic signatures, you can continue to work productively and efficiently without worrying about the legal validity of your documents. In almost all industries, electronic signatures have become the norm, and there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t adopt them as well. Electronic signatures contribute significantly to your business success by providing legal verification for documents while ensuring business continuity and productivity. Make the switch to electronic signatures today and see how much easier and more efficient your business can be.


Workflows & Approvals

Document management systems offer strategic workflow step sequences that map out your company’s typical processes and streamline your team’s document-based tasks. A document management system improves the accessibility and processing of documents, and your repository of business data is centralized. From project management to Accounts Payable to Human Resources and more, document management software fast tracks document creation, retrieval, sharing, tracking, and reporting.

Document management also allows files to be routed for approval. Once a workflow is determined, managers can approve or reject their employees’ documents after immediately being notified of completion. This flexible feature can be customized based on your company’s unique needs and processes, providing a powerful solution to boost productivity and efficiency.



From onboarding new team members to collecting customer data, your business relies on accurate, structured data to ensure daily tasks can be accomplished. Depending on antiquated systems, like handwritten paper forms or fill-as-you-go PDFs that require the end-user to have specific software and subsequent manual data entry, can hold your business back. Document management systems provide modern web form applications to give your company a competitive edge. Web-based forms promote improved, streamlined, and accelerated data collection systems that instantly make information available on your network and can help automate workflows.


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Two thumbs up to DA-COM!!!!!!!!”

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