Wide Format Printers

B&W Wide Format Printing

Our Black & White Wide Format Systems offer innovative productivity and configuration versatility in a space saving design. They have proven reliability delivering high quality, durable prints at a single touch.

Color Wide Format Printing

The KIP 600 is revolutionizing wide format color printing and establishing new standards for wide format reliability. The KIP 600 Series delivers efficiency with precision imaging in a compact durable design that will connect workgroups to new levels of print management productivity.

  • Print both color and black and white at the lowest operating costs in the industry
  • CAD line color can be printed at about the same high speeds and low costs as black and white
  • Operating costs can be reduced by up to 50%
  • Toner output provides the most durable prints (doesn’t smear when wet, doesn’t fade in sunlight, doesn’t crack if folded)
  • Extremely compact footprint allows us to replace 2 machines (color ink plotter and B&W toner) with 1 system.
  • Meet deadlines faster – Our slowest model will print a set of 15 color D size prints in under 3 minutes. Our fastest model would print this job in under 1 minute
  • Hybrid models allow for some B&W output to be shifted to color to provide instant recognition of key detail and help reduce mistakes.

Accounting and Cost Center

The KIP Accounting Center consolidates control of user account data and printing rules for all Copy, Print and Scan activities for KIP color and b&w systems. When activated, the KIP Touchscreen systems, printing applications and print drivers continuously retrieve accounting and user data from the System K controller

Wide Format Scanning System

A stand-alone scan to file system with high resolution image quality and production speed scanning for document archival. Face up or face down stream feed scanning for standard documents or board function for mounted originals up to 0.6” thick. Advanced CCD (Charge Coupling Device) image capture up to 600×600 DPI with USB 3.0 Superspeed connectivity.

Wide Format Folding Systems

Folding Systems are engineered for folding with seamless integration to the KIP print systems. Automating large document finishing by providing folding and stacking in an efficient and compact design. Folded document packets are crisp, professional and ready for distribution.

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