The average American office worker will use approximately four dozen sheets of paper each day. Controlling the costs associated with this use is only one of the reasons that businesses need to ensure that the business copier they are using delivers exceptional value. Business copiers add value to the organization by saving time and money and enhancing productivity. Still, before investing in a copier, it may be useful to delve deeper into what they bring to the business.

Business Copiers and ROI

Many business owners regard modern copiers as a grudge purchase. After all the reasoning goes, the existing copier is still providing value. The question is whether the legacy office copier is worth keeping around or a drain on precious company resources. The subject deserves a closer look.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

As equipment ages, it requires more costly maintenance and business copiers are no different. Older and less reliable business copiers experience significantly more downtime than new models. This can substantially reduce the productivity of the organization, and it can cause client/customer dissatisfaction due to missed deadlines. However, outsourcing copying may not be the answer either, as it can still cause significantly drawn-out lead times and increased costs.

Buying or leasing a new copier is a simple way to manage expenditures and keep clients happy in the long run.

Enhanced Efficiency

Business copiers need to be able to scale as the company does. It is almost inevitable that as a copier age, it will not be as efficient as it was when it was first bought. It may simply be age or the fact that the business has grown and requires a copier that can cope with increased and often more complex demands.

Fortunately, business copiers have evolved. These machines are capable of handling much larger jobs, and they can do so extremely quickly. The result is professional-looking documents of the highest standard and time savings that allow employees to focus on their core responsibilities, rather than standing at a copy machine.

Modern business copiers offer functionality like automatic file conversions to the most suitable formats and the ability to share documents via email or an advanced document management system for archiving. In fact, many copiers have keyboards that can help employees select where they want the copies sent. This functionality can save time and increase efficiency. It also makes the life of those in the office less stressful, and employee satisfaction can positively affect productivity.

Enhanced Productivity

Modern copiers can also enhance workflow. Where older copiers will require that employees stand in line to make copiers, the latest copiers have advanced print queue management functionality. Documents can be prioritized according to urgency. Employees in search of documents that are not urgent can simply add their workload to a networked copier. The result is higher productivity and none of the copier lines that were a feature of the office experience not so long ago.

More Reducing Operational Costs

The enhanced functionality of the modern office copier can also save money on print consumables. The fact that users can be required to log into a personal profile before making copies allows the business to set what these employees can and cannot do. A good example is color copies. These copies can drain expensive ink, and replacement is pricey.

In addition, modern business copiers also allow for print management. Administrators can view who has been copying and what they have copied (as well as how many copies were made) in order to control costs.

Office copiers can also save the business money in other ways. Older models often are unable to print double-sided pages, which can lead to paper wastage. Other features, such as stapling and binding, lead to less employee time devoted to these repetitive tasks.

Wastage is another issue modern business copiers address. Older copiers will struggle to provide pristine copies, especially when not regularly serviced. They are often responsible for ruined copies as a result of paper mutilation during the paper feed process. Smudging and ghosting are another source of wasted money in the office as the copier spits out illegible copies. Purchasing a new office copier can make these issues a thing of the past, which means significant cost savings.

Addressing Copier Security Challenges

Networked copiers can save money and increase operational efficiency, but they can also be a chink in the cybersecurity of any organization. The latest research from Statista shows that the average cost of a data breach in the United States is around $9.48 million.

A small or medium-sized business will not usually experience losses of that staggering magnitude, but data theft can also affect the reputation of a business. For small, medium, or micro enterprises (SMME) where customers are the most important salespeople the company may have, any loss of trust can damage the business.

The latest business copiers have enhanced security features that protect against unauthorized access, data alteration, data leaks, denial of service (DoS) attacks, and other cyber threats.

In the age of increasing cybercrime, access to business copiers that offer state-of-the-art security is an important consideration when evaluating office copiers.

Business Copiers in the 21st Century

Business copiers are an excellent tool to increase the efficiency of any office. Ideally, the humble copier will enhance productivity and have a noticeable impact on the bottom line of the organization. However, older copiers can struggle to cope with the increased demands of the modern office and may also present a danger regarding data security.

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