With so many cyber threats out there, cyber security should be a top priority for every business. However, you might not have the skills, expertise, or resources needed to safeguard your company’s computers and networks against the latest threats. That’s where managed cyber security comes in.

This guide will explain what managed cyber security is and why you should consider it.

What Is Managed Cyber Security?

The concept of managed cyber security is quite simple. Instead of setting up your own cyber security team or monitoring and managing your network safety, a provider will do it all for you. Essentially, it’s a way to outsource your cyber security to a team of experts.

There are lots of cyber security providers out there, and the industry is growing increasingly valuable. Lots of businesses, both big and small, are hiring these providers. For many, it’s a better choice than handling cyber defenses by themselves.

Managed service providers can offer a wide range of different services and packages. Some of them might simply carry out security audits of your network and install up-to-date defenses, for instance. Others will offer round-the-clock monitoring, updates, and more comprehensive protections.

6 Big Benefits of Managed Cyber Security

Now that you know what managed cyber security is, you may still hesitate between hiring a provider and taking care of security matters yourself. Here are some of the key reasons why a managed provider may be the better choice:


One of the biggest reasons why so many businesses choose managed security is to save money. Of course, you’ll need to spend some cash on the services, and most providers will charge monthly or annual fees for their protections.

However, the total price is usually a fraction of what you’d spend on hiring your own in-house IT pros. And for small businesses with limited budgets, the decision is an easy one to make; hiring a provider gives you all the same protections as having your own cyber security staff without the extra salaries to pay.

Expert Assistance

The people working at managed cyber security firms are experts in their field. They typically have years of experience in all things related to digital threats, viruses, hackers, and more. They’re up to date with the latest malware, and they know the best ways to safeguard any device from intrusions.

In other words, these people are masters of safeguarding devices and defending networks. It can be very helpful and reassuring to have them on your side. Even if you already have anti-malware programs installed, these experts will be able to elevate your defenses to the next level.

Round-the-Clock Coverage

As mentioned previously, many of the best-managed security providers will offer 24/7 protection. They’ll actively monitor your networks and devices, looking for any possible weaknesses and identifying threats as soon as they appear. This allows them to act and deal with dangers before they cause any damage.

The benefits of having such constant, comprehensive protection are clear to see. Business owners can feel much more at ease, knowing that their networks are in safe hands. This also allows workers to get on with their duties, not having to stop or worry about viruses or prying eyes trying to access their files.

Flexible and Scalable Plans

A lot of the best-managed cyber security providers will also offer a wide range of flexible, scalable payment plans to suit your business. They can offer budget-friendly packages for small startups and enterprise-grade security monitoring for the biggest businesses. You can pick whichever plan suits you best. It’s also possible to customize plans according to your needs.

What’s more, it’s usually possible to upgrade and scale your plan as your company grows and changes over time. For example, you may start small with an entry-level plan. Then you can then add more features and protections over time as your business grows and your budget increases.


These days, businesses need to be aware of and adhere to relevant regulations and rules regarding data protection and privacy. This is especially important for any business that handles a lot of customer data. Examples of these regulations include the GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California.

If your business has weaknesses in its cyber security systems, customer data could be at risk, and you may not be compliant with those regulations. This can lead to fines and other punishments. It may also damage the credibility of your brand. This can have various negative effects on your company’s reliability and profits. Managed security providers will give you the protection you need to maintain compliance.

Downtime and Disaster Prevention

Downtime costs much more than you might imagine. If a virus or hacker targets your company and shuts your networks down, you could lose huge amounts of money for every second that passes. In the worst cases, companies can suffer such disastrous financial losses that they have to lose staff or even shut down entire offices.

A managed security provider will help to keep your networks and devices online and operational at all times. They’ll reduce the risk of downtime disasters, so you shouldn’t have to worry about those big money losses. Plus, even if your business gets targeted as part of a large hacking attack or ransomware infection, a managed provider can keep you safe.

Get Next-Level Protection With a Managed Service Provider

With so many benefits, managed cyber security is the No. 1 choice for countless businesses all over the world. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. But if you’re running a business without the latest cyber protections, you could be at great risk.

Make the upgrade and invest in a managed service provider you can trust like Da-Com. With years of experience and rigorous cyber security standards, Da-Com can provide the protection you need at a price that works for you in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, along with western Illinois. Contact our team today to learn more.